A collection of apologetic and encouraging notes for Christians in need of some power-boosts from time to time.

It was a happy day when the heavy load of drywall sheets arrived in the driveway. Truck tires bulging, over 105 sheets of drywall began making their way inside the skeleton-like stick structure on the backs of two large "drywall hanger" guys. Hooray!
Having built my first house, I thought I knew about construction, but I missed many details since our modular home was factory-built in Virginia, then trucked to its current location.
I must confess I am a workaholic. It is practically impossible for me to have workmen pounding away on the job site, and Kluth not being right there in the midst doing something constructive.
One would think hired professionals and experienced contractors using architectural plans pointing to well-known building codes would not overlook certain fundamentals of construction. (I had not yet come to expect the steady stream of oddities of this building project.)
Sometimes in our spiritual journeys, we feel as useless as a broken hose. But even broken hoses can be used for a bigger purpose.
When it comes to laying a foundation, there's a world of difference between someone who can lay cinder block, and someone who knows how to design and construct a foundation. 
As many of you know, I have been building an addition on the backside of my house for my widowed mother, who eventually will move in this fall.
Our sermon passage, known by the scholarly term pericope adulterae (PA), is one of two large sections of Scripture under attack by the Devil's minions...
This fall will mark the 40th anniversary of my arrival at the University of Texas (UT), Austin, as a freshman on campus.
In 931 BC, Solomon's United Kingdom was split into two parts, with Jeroboam taking rule over 10 tribes to the north with its pristine land and proximity to vital trade routes, while Rehoboam had the two southern tribes of Judah and Benjamin, where worship rightfully occurred at Jerusalem.