We provide commercial-free viewing across all our material, to include Mission Bible Church virtual worship services.


To view the live event, click the play button.

If you see this picture (left), then the broadcast hasn't started yet.

If you don't see a play button, hit your browser's reload button (i.e., reload the page).

Click the bottom right [ ] symbol to make the video full screen. 


Be sure to unmute the audio when the video first appears. 


Event Start Times

MBC Virtual Worship Services: 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time, Sundays

Friday Night Bible Study: 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time, Fridays

We usually start streaming 5-10 minutes before the start of each event.  If there is no video after 15 minutes, it is safe to assume the event has been cancelled (due to illness or the like).

Joining late? No problem! The site supports rewinding up to 30 minutes. Slide the progress bar (bottom of the video) back to any point, and hit play.


Mission Bible Church relies on viewer as well as member contributions to support this ministry. Consider donating to the Lord's work using our secure payment provider.  We accept most credit cards, direct deposit from bank accounts, and Apple Pay and Google Pay from your cell phone. When you see the popup window, you do not need to "sign in" or "login" to the online finance provider.  All transactions are securely encrypted within the popup window, so your donation is safely transmitted.

Troubleshooting Tips

Google Chrome and Internet Explorer work the best, while Safari on iPhones and MS Edge have a few problems with workarounds (see below).

Q1: I see an image, but it's not moving.

A1: Click the "play" button, at the bottom left of the image (in Safari); or, reload the page. 

Q2: The video has an error message, "The player triggered an error. Something went wrong during native playback"What do I do?

A2: The study is offline, and the 30-minute rewind of the prior session has been erased.  Keep refreshing the page until the stream starts.

Q3: The screen has an error message, "An unanticipated error was encountered".

A3: Reload the page - the video had problems starting.  If the error occurred near the end of the Services, then the video got cut short ... and the event is over.

Q4: The screen has an error message, "We are offline, either wait a bit or come back next week at the same time."

A4: That means the Event hasn't started yet, or has already ended. Click the refresh button (circle-arrow, top right) every few minutes. If no video appears by a quarter after, then it's cancelled for that day.  If the video is streaming, click the check mark to dismiss the error.

Q5: I missed an Event!  How do I watch prior Events?

A5: Navigate to the bottom (Get Connected > Vimeo), and you'll find it there within 24 hours.  We endeaver to post the Event as soon as possible, but give priority to in-person Lord's Day activities.

Q6: The audio is out-of-sync with the video.

A6: That means the broadcasting computer (on our end) is too heavily taxed.  Send Gloria a text during the study, at 301-519-1481, and let her know.  (She runs the video, so it won't interrupt the Event.)

Q7: There's a vertical white line for the volume button.

A7: This is a known bug in Microsoft Edge.  Use a different browser, such as Chrome.

Q8: The full-screen button doesn't work on my iPhone.

A8: This is a known issue with the streaming provider Akamai. A workaround is to turn your phone sideways to most closely align to full screen.

Q9: The screen is black, with a message about internal server error.

A9: The streaming service provider is overwhelmed, maybe it crashed.  Try refreshing the page, or watch it later under our Recorded Services page.