A collection of apologetic and encouraging notes for Christians in need of some power-boosts from time to time.

"As an atheist, I understood one thing about Christianity: it rises or falls on the resurrection of Jesus. Anyone can claim to be divine, as Jesus did ... so I figured it would be easy to disprove the resurrection." That's what Lee Strobel thought in the late 1970's, until his own research hit him hard in the face.
An end of the year exhortation from Moses, who knew a thing or two thousand about the brevity of life.
Ten prophecies related to Jesus' work and impacts. Can anyone credibly doubt that Jesus is the Christ?
Ten Old Testament prophecies which relate directly to the life of Jesus of Nazareth, after his birth in Bethlehem, and their fulfillment noted in the New Testament.
Ten Old Testament prophecies with an approximate date for each prediction, and the calculated odds of occurrence.