Staff's ROD

Staff's ROD #15

Explanation of why a literal flood matters to Christians.

The Staff's ROD

a Review Of Doctrines held at Mission Bible Church


It's needful to discuss a key doctrine related to the Bible's (and our) position on a literal six days of creation; namely, the flood of Noah's day. Ken Ham in his 2010 Genesis Answers Book 3 provides good summaries of these concerns, which we selectively excerpt below.


"Many Christians and their leaders believe that it is not relevant whether the flood of Noah described in Genesis 6-8 was global or localized. After all, they say, it's not relevant to salvation.  However, whether the flood was global or local in extant is a crucial question, because what's ultimately at stake is the authority of all of God's Word."


"Secular geologists interpret the fossil-bearing sedimentary layers, such as those exposed in the walls of the Grand Canyon, as having taken millions of years to form.  ° The various layers we now see stacked up on top of one another thus supposedly slowly accumulated as sea creatures were progressively buried. Secular geologists' guiding principle of interpretation, 'the present is the key to the past', limits their explanations to current, non-catastrophic mechanisms. Any suggestion of a global flood is totally ruled out before any geological evidence is even examined."


"On the other hand, the description of the flood in Genesis 6-8 is not hard to understand. We are told by God that the all the fountains of the great deep burst open and poured water out onto the earth's surface for 150 days (5 months).  Simultaneously, the windows of heaven opened, producing torrential global rainfall.  The combined result was that the waters destructively rose across the face of the earth to eventually cover all the high hills that were under the wholeheavenThe mountains were eventually covered fifteen cubits upwardso that every creature in whose nostrils was the breath of life perished. Only those on the ark were saved."


"Based on that clear description of this real historical event, it is very rational to conclude that we should expect to find evidence today of billions of dead things buried in rock layers composed of water-deposited sand, lime and mud all over the earth. Indeed, that's exactly what we find."


These rock layers are a sobering testimony to God's wrath against sin.  No wonder that man the sinful creature despises a global flood.