A collection of apologetic and encouraging notes for Christians in need of some power-boosts from time to time.

The Word of Christ is, of course, the Word of God. The false teachers came to Colossae with man-made traditions, religious rules, and human philosophies. They tried to harmonize God's Word with their teachings, but they could not succeed. God's Word always magnifies Jesus Christ.
It's hard to displace a Texan from Texas. They are quite comfortable with all the largess their state affords them: big skies, an international reputation, plenty of land, bright sunshine...
Borrowed Tools. Over the years I have been collecting tools using a decision process when I first became a homeowner: if I can buy the tool for less than the cost of any minor repair job, I will buy the tool and learn to do it myself.
In God's good providence and timing, and for purposes and reasons known only to Him, my construction project began precisely when material prices went sky high. Lumber in particular ran three times the normal cost.
Pastor Meggie Scott and his wife Barbara have faithfully served at the Fern Evangelical Methodist Church (EMC) in Cambridge, Jamaica, for over 30 years. The Fern EM Church is high in the mountains, deep in the interior of the Island.
Conservative fundamental churches confessed the Scriptures to be infallible in the past, meaning they cannot fail. That word has been replaced with inerrant or 'without error,' yet this conveys the sad unspoken amendment of 'without error in the original manuscripts.'
Ken Ham's book, Already Gone, reports that a high percentage of youth raised in a Christian environment - such as those who regularly attended their church, Sunday school, and enrolled in a Christian school - depart from the faith when they take their first biology class in college.
A ministry we support through our annual Thank offering is the Christian Law Association (CLA), where Dr. David Gibbs, Jr. and other attorneys labor on behalf of our church and many others. They provide free legal services unique to Christian churches. CLA was helpful to us this year with timely legal guidelines concerning vaccine exemptions.
Berean Bible Church (BBC) has had a wonderful year establishing itself as a functional church and enjoying sweet fellowship since July 2020. With the guidance and financial support of Mission Bible Church, we have set up some of our primary needs. A foundational step was to register the church with the state of West Virginia.