For The Kept Pure Conferees

We at MBC are pleased to provide the conference attendees of the Kept Pure conference with free resources.
For The Kept Pure Conferees

MBC, in conjunction with Holding Fast ministries, is eager and happy to provide free resources for you to further explore the many facets of the doctrine of Verbal Plenary Preservation (VPP).  Fully supported by the Westminster Confession of Faith, as well as the London Baptist Confession of Faith, VPP is the necessary handmaiden of the doctrine of verbal plenary inspiration; for without preservation, inspiration is useless.  The ecclesiastical text (aka, the Textus Receptus) suffers attacks from those promoting the Critical Text -- yet still abides faithful.

At the conference, we provided two books for you to personally take home and study, free of charge:  David H. Sorenson's Neither Oldest Nor Best, and Thou Shalt Keep Them (Kent Brandenburg, ed.).  We have found these to provide stunning, conclusive and insurmountable evidence refuting the mighty men of the Critical Text camp.  If you were unable to take home your free copies this year, we will provide some again for next year's conference.

In the meantime, Holding Fast ministries (the "VPP theological arm" of Mission Bible Church) provides some highly relevant and readable information (below).


An overview of the commonly overlooked issues with the Critical Text.  Plus, we offer a guided tour to the online versions of Sinaiticus and Vaticanus, which even Westscott and Hort never saw (that's right - they worked from Tischendorf's copy, not the original A or B mss).


The lie is oft-repeated that no doctrinal impacts are to be found in the critical text (and subsequently other translations).  The author spent 2 years researching impacts to the various Reformed confessions, and found over 30 impacts, with 6 doctrines irretrievably lost. (The quickest way is to review the PowerPoint slides, then skip to the video where a slide of interest is discussed further.)


This is for those totally new to the issue, and need some fundamentals laid first before enterring this unnecessarily confusing web known as higher text criticism.


This is conference site.  Pas. McShaffrey, conference host and Pastor of Five Solas church in Reedsburg, WI, will post the messages (hopefully) in the near future.




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